LOCK-IN! (Completed 7th-12th Graders)


That's right! We're doing a lock-in! We figured, "hey, what better way to close out the summer than staying up all night long!"

What are we going to be doing, you may ask? Well, on top of food, games, prizes assorted throughout the night, we're also planning:

- Silent Disco

- Basketball Tournament

- RFBCSM Original - "VolleyPong" Tournament

- Mario Kart Tournament

- Flashlight Tag

We will cap off the early morning with a huge breakfast and the most high-movement Midweek service in the history of Rusk FBC Students! 

Cost will be $30 to help cover expenses. Payment is due August 3rd.

You're prolly thinking: "Wowzers! That sounds awesome! How can I sign up?" You can register your teenager HERE!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Derek at derek@ruskfbc.com.